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    • Our separate dedicated subwoofers in conjunction with array speakers humiliate other screen rental service offerings. Typical 2-way generic use speakers used by most companies don't reproduce vocals adequately as they are forced to split those frequencies between a booming bass driver and a high frequency tweeter. By using smaller mid range drivers in conjunction with a seperate subwoofer and separate tweeter we can reproduce more distinguishable and harder hitting bass plus clearer more articulated speech because the same driver doesn't have to replicate as many frequencies at the same time.​ Our array speakers are specifically engineered to deliver crisp and precise vocal tracks so you can hear the movie dialog clearly without muddy mids and muted highs. At the same time our dedicated subwoofers are free to focus on pushing those guttural deep bass notes, making explosions and action sequences far more immersive. Don't settle for embarrassingly shameful subpar audio, it will easily make or break a movie-viewing experience.


    • Clean and plentiful power is commonly overlooked as non-essential, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Modern electronics are sensitive to interference from numerous sources and can dramatically affect not only audio quality (buzzes, clicks, radio frequencies), but dirty power can also present visual video anomalies that distract or in the worst case can interrupt playback. In addition, we use heavy-duty over-spec'd brightly colored extension cords. Using insufficient and underrated gauge extension cords can risk demanding electronics being starved of an essential flow of electricity. Resulting in excessive heat, reduced performance during peak demand, and increased probability of pre-mature equipment failure, or worse a potential safety hazard. 


    • Our rack-mounted Blu-Ray players are from reputable professional quality manufacturers like Denon & Tascam, this minor detail ensures reliability and an experience that is more reminiscent of the producer's intended viewing and listening intentions. Everything from color reproduction, to refresh rate, and professional locking XLR audio connections differentiate these pro-grade players from cheap consumer-grade gear that other companies use.


    • By offering rear screen projection we give our customers the cleanest and safest setup. Simply placing our projector behind the screen means the cables are away from your guest's seating. Not only that but it's far less distracting by not having a projector, its fans, and other lit electronic gear taking up precious front and center prime seating. Guests can walk right in front of the screen without blocking the image too!


    • This seems like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how few mobile inflatable screen rental companies or Audio-Visual rental agencies either don't provide the technical and labor-intensive support or charge additional surprise fees to deliver and install their gear. We promise the very best white glove treatment for our important and always on-the-go clients, freeing you up to be a host, while we tackle the time-consuming running around town, heavy lifting, and technical stuff.​​​​​



2024 - We are just about to kick off our summer season for outdoor events and already we have a calendar that's filling up quickly. We have a number of goals for 2024 still to come so watch this space.

  • Our owner and staff are committed to being a positive influence in our community. In an effort to give back to our community, we have donated hours of community service towards supporting the Code Blue Movie Nights to assist our unsheltered neighbors find warmth, comfort, and safety on frigid Utah nights when temperatures drop below freezing. Big Cheese Entertainment would like to thank the other numerous volunteers, community support programs, and organizers that made this possible. It truly makes a difference in our community in countless ways.

  • This year we have purchased a new 11'x20' screen for our Big Cheese Outdoor 500 package so that our previous model can be retired. Time, sun exposure, wind, and general use takes its toll on inflatable screens, but because we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality outdoor movie viewing experience we regularly replace equipment before it fails. This greatly reduces the chances of your event being the one where a piece of gear meets its end of service life. Big Cheese Entertainment strives for reliability, dependability, and quality, these routine maintenance practices helps us better achieve those goals.

  • When researching our options to replace our Big Cheese Outdoor 500 screen we decided to support a local business, Open Air Cinema, located right here in American Fork, Utah. They offer a spectacular product at the highest standards, so we are proud to use their products to satisfy the needs of our most discerning and high caliber clients. Not only does Open Air Cinema have offices in American Fork, Utah, but they also manufacture and assemble their screen kits there too. Providing local jobs to Utahns. Yeah, the screens cost more to support USA based labor, tech, and craftsmanship, but we feel it is worth the opportunity to support local businesses. 

  • Due to popular demand we have added the option for our customers to utilize our top-notch sound system for more than just spectacular theatrical audio. By adding a premium quality analog mixer paired with an industry renowned wireless microphone manufacturer our clients can now make announcements or presentations with clarity and ease. In addition to a wireless handheld mic, the mixer gives customers the ability to play music from their device of choice. Guests will then enjoy great sounding background music while they wait for the main event. If this is a service you are interested in utilizing for your event be sure to request the "Wireless Microphone & Music Playback Upgrade Add-On".


2023 - This year was a year to refine our end product further. Big Cheese Entertainment is committed to perfecting our mobile theater experience to make it a more immersive and exciting experience for the viewers. This is what sets us apart from all other backyard, outdoor, and mobile indoor screen rental companies.


  • We upgraded our high/mid speakers on our Big Cheese Outdoor 500 and Big Cheese Indoor 300 packages with the TOA HX-5B variable dispersion line array speaker system offering a whopping 12 high-frequency drivers and four 5" mid drivers per side to provide a broad 100-degree sound coverage pattern in front and offset to the sides. These speakers are designed for defined clarity and distortion-free speech, precisely our target for easy-to-hear natural sounding vocals in movies.

  • In our pursuit of movie audio nirvana Big Cheese Entertainment also increased the size of our dedicated subwoofers on both our Big Cheese Outdoor 500 package and Big Cheese Indoor 300. Going from two Turbosound IP12B 12" subs to an earth-shaking Turbosound IP15B 15" rumble. The larger-sized drivers reach lower frequencies and produce a higher sound pressure level for bass that is guttural, making those action sequence explosions feel like you are right there in the action. 

  • We get numerous requests throughout the season to push forward the start time of our outdoor movies. Unfortunately, we are limited to when the sunset is scheduled, in the summer this can be fairly late. Our general recommendation for acceptable results is to wait at least 30 minutes after the scheduled sunset time. If you start the movie prior to that the image can be washed out or not visible at all as the ambient sunlight is the brighter light source and will overpower the image output from the projector. However, due to popular demand, we will begin offering an option to upgrade any package with a brighter broadcast-grade 10,000 lumen, WUXGA native resolution projector. While we still can't project in daylight, this upgrade option should offer acceptable results 30 minutes earlier than our standard 7,000-lumen projector. High-lumen projectors featuring native full high-definition resolution are incredibly pricey which is why Big Cheese Entertainment is proud to be the first in its class to offer this game-changing solution in the Utah outdoor cinema rental space.

  • Upgrades are inevitable, in order to continue to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge, reliable, and industry-best experiences we frequently upgrade our gear. In most circumstances, these equipment upgrades are simply bonuses to benefit our customers as these enhanced products don't affect our normal pricing. Meaning the cost of better gear doesn't trickle down to come out of our customer's wallets. This year that benefit was received by many hosts and guests as our Big Cheese Outdoor 500 package got a surprise upgrade from a 6,500-lumen Optoma WU615T projector that already exceeded industry standards to a mind-boggling 7,000-lumen Panasonic PT-VMZ71 laser projector boasting a crisp WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution image with a 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, which delivers vivid color, natural skin tones, vibrant whites, and deep blacks. Those extra 500 lumens help achieve closer-to-sunset start times and brilliant punchy colors on screen.

2022 - Coming off the heels of COVID-19 we found a reignited energy and excitement to enjoy events as groups. This phenomenon required us to expand our ability to cover multiple events at different locations within the same time frame. 

  • Our Big Cheese Outdoor 200 & Big Cheese Indoor 100 packages got an upgraded laser projector, boasting a lumen output of 5000-lumen, and with that also a better contrast ratio meaning brighter whites and deeper blacks, plus more vibrant DLP color all at full 1080p native resolution. This in turn gave us the opportunity to upgrade our Big Cheese Outdoor 50 and Big Cheese Indoor 50 with the previous Outdoor 200 and Indoor 100 projector, going from 4500 lumens to a solid 5000 lumen. Making our entry-level screen packages the brightest backyard inflatable projection systems in Salt Lake City.

  • This was our first year adding the Big Cheese Indoor 50 Package, specifically designed for corporate settings, boardrooms, conferences, and presentations. This package is a perfect fit for pharmaceutical restaurant PowerPoint dinner meeting rentals. It utilizes a professional grade 90" diagonal pull-up Da-Lite screen that has a masked black bottom and a highly reflective projection surface to maximize the clarity of slide-show text and images. Paired with either our short throw 4500-lumen projector for tight spaces or our standard throw for more open floorplans. As for audio, it wouldn't be a Big Cheese Entertainment package if it didn't include dedicated subwoofers, and this package doesn't disappoint, featuring two 8" subwoofers situated below slim column arrays jam-packed with six 2" drivers on each of the two 600w powered speakers. These have wide evenly distributed audio coverage to fill the room and be easily heard from nearly anywhere. The design of this package is also prime for use to watch the game, series finale, or fight night on a big screen in your home, fitting perfectly in most family rooms and offering a grand viewing image scale. Another great application would be to play your wedding video at your reception, big enough for all your guests to see and bigger than most TVs yet has a relatively small footprint that won't overtake your event center space or crowd the dance floor. The value of this combo is far cheaper than any AV rental company and we ensure that the equipment you are receiving is always in excellent condition.

  • This year we teamed up with iHeartMedia to promote the Parents Empowered program offering some lucky giveaway winners the opportunity to have a free backyard movie night event to encourage a sense of family unity with quality time together. The program was a great success and brought much enjoyment and great lasting memories to the winners and their families.

2021 - Our pursuit to provide higher quality and more reliable gear is at the forefront of our purchasing strategy. In 2021 we took the chance to upgrade some of our popular most used gear.

  • On the list of most popular rentals is our Big Cheese Indoor 100 Screen, it is the perfect size for medium-sized venues and leaves a great "wow" impact for all shows. Our previous screen wasn't as sturdy as we'd like for reliability and stability, our customers deserve only the best. So we replaced the Elite Screen model with a far more substantial screen from Da-Lite, a renowned Audio-Visual supplier. To meet our dual projection standards this new indoor screen has a projection surface that can be projected from the front or rear of the screen, enabling us the opportunity to keep the projector noise, fans, equipment lights, and cables all behind the screen so they don't interfere with the audience experience and dramatically reduce potential safety hazards.

  • Speaking of safety, we added a few precautions to better protect our guests. These may not seem overly exciting features but if it is the difference between a potential incident and a care-free event we do our best to be proactive as much as we are able. Adding floor mats to our event kit to cover cable walkway crossings and power extension cord junction safety lock boxes


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