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How do your rates compare to other outdoor cinema companies?

Big Cheese Entertainment makes an extra effort to be the best value in Utah. This doesn't always mean we are the cheapest gig in town, rather that we hope to give you the most bang for your buck by continually investing in new unsurpassed high-end professional equipment and using local friendly knowledgeable service technicians. We also include full-service treatment for every event, meaning you need only schedule our services and we do the rest. From delivery to setup, testing, to start, and strike upon completion, we do it all so you can focus on hosting or simply kicking your feet up.

What time can we plan to start?

Don't wait for us! Get the cake out, the BBQ cooking, and games going. Your evening of fun can be optimized by saving the best till last. Our projection systems are pretty bright but they are no competition for our big beautiful sun. Because of the reflective light enhancing material used on our screens ambient lighting (even in the shade and even with overcast skies) can be surprisingly bright, washing out all color and definition from the projection screen. This means that as a general rule one must wait for a minimum of  15-30 minutes after sunset. You can see your home town estimated sunset time by clicking HERE. Consider our Add-on Wireless Microphone & Music Playback Upgrade so you can play music on our epic sound system and make announcements while you wait for the sun to go down. Alternatively, if you want to start your show during daylight hours consider using one of our Big Cheese Indoor Packages, in an indoor facility where lighting can be controlled with the flick of a switch. Another solution to combat ambient light would be using a higher lumen projector like our Add-on 10k Lumen Projector Upgrade. While this still won't compete with the big ball of nuclear fusion in the sky, it can buy you 5-10 minutes of an earlier start time, depending on circumstances, with mediocre results outdoors, and generally a usable viewing experience at indoor venues when certain lighting elements are not able to be controlled. Keep in mind that even drive-in movies with their massive and exceedingly expensive projection rooms still have a scheduled start time of 30 minutes after the forecasted sunset time.

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Outdoor Movie System for Rent in Utah

15 min. Before Sunset
Fully Shaded Space / Slightly Overcast

Reddit Best Outdoor Movie System Rental Near Me

At Forecasted Sunset Time
Fully Shaded Space / Slightly Overcast

Open Air Cinema Screen Rental Utah City Movie Night In The Park

15 min. After Sunset
Fully Shaded Space / Slightly Overcast

What do I need to prepare for on the night of my event?

We understand you have a lot going on the night of your event, so to keep it simple we only require a few things of you.

  • We need one to two dedicated electrical outlet(s), depending on your preferred screen package choice, (120V 15 AMP standard circuit) that are not shared with other electronic devices within 200ft. of the screen setup location. If using a generator, it must be equipped with a pure sine inverter and be an 800W minimum. If you do not have this type of generator, consider renting our Add-on Remote Power Supply Upgrade. (Please exercise extreme caution when using a generator it must be used in open air environment, they have hot surfaces, moving parts, flammable/combustible fuel, and deadly exhaust, children must be kept away at all times.)

  • Our screens have different a footprint sizes (See details in the itemized package contents), this is the minimum area that must be a level surface void of any trees, rocks, other sharp objects, mud, water, or animal feces. The projector will be positioned 15-20ft either behind or in front of the screen. We can set on concrete and secure it using water weights but this does reduce the maximum wind rating allowed for usage.

  • TURN OFF THE SPRINKLERS if your event is outdoors. Water can damage the electronics, soil the screen, and create hazardous conditions when in contact with electrical outlets. Any damage, cleaning, or injury is the responsibility of the customer to financially cover the replacement and/or cleaning of the affected equipment, in addition to being held solely liable for any harm or death to anyone in attendance.

  • Reduce as much nearby light sources as possible. Any light near the screen will diminish the contrast of the picture on screen, so be sure to locate the sources in advance of your event and determine if it is possible to turn them off or find a more suitable and darker location for the screen to be set.

  • Bring your Blu-Ray or DVD disc to the event and provide it to the technician. See below for more details regarding copyright licensing for playback at an event.

  • It is your duty and responsibility to inform and actively monitor your guests to ensure they are exercising extreme caution around our equipment. Tie down straps, ground stakes, unsecured and unmarked ground cables, hot surfaces, moving fan blades, high power electronics, and heavy elevated equipment, can all be hazardous and potentially lethal. These dangerous situations can be escalated with certain changing weather conditions such as moisture and wind. Stay a safe distance away from the equipment at all times. We expect the host to be responsible for educating and actively oversee their guests safety at all times to avoid any potential accidents.

  • Good weather is key to a successful outdoor event. Our equipment is not moisture rated so any signs of rain, snow, hail, sleet, or dense fog/high humidity will require our technician to cancel the event. Wind exceeding 12mph gusts will also warrant and immediate termination of our services. This is without exception as these conditions dramatically increase the risk of danger to attendees, and damage to the equipment. Both are at the expense of being financially and legally liable for by the customer. Cancellation due to weather comes at no cost if done prior to the technician being in route to the event venue. A cancellation or termination of the event while the technician is travelling to the event or while the equipment is on-site will require full payment of the rental amount plus any damages or cleaning required to restore or replace damaged or soiled equipment.

  • A valid credit card will be required and kept on file for incidentals. A waiver form signature and payment will be collected upon the technician's arrival. That's it! The setup will begin and you are on your way!

Do you provide movies?

Big Cheese Entertainment provides only the means to display content. We are in no way responsible for the distribution and playback of any media used on our equipment. We highly encourage our customers to contact media copyright holders to discover if special permission to broadcast their content in this manner is required/acceptable. Copyright infringement and unlawful public display is a federal crime punishable by large fines and or jail, it is for this reason we stress the importance of seeking written permission from copyright holders. Below are some licensing companies that may help you get licensing.


Criterion Pictures

(800) 890-9494


Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.

(800) 876-5577


Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC)

(800) 462-8855


Film Movement

Rebeca Conget at 212-941-7744 ext. 213

What forms of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express through the Squareup processing service. We also are proud to accept PayPal, Venmo, and Square. If you plan to pay with cash please note, our technician will not have any change on hand so please have the exact amount ready. We do not accept personal checks at this time. Gratuity is not added nor required, but if you feel like you received outstanding friendly service and want to thank your technician, a tip is a great way to do so. 100% of the tipped amount goes directly to your technician.

What media format works best with your system?

We prefer a Blu-Ray disc when possible, as our system is capable of projecting crisp full 1080p high definition images and intense powerful audio. It will also easily accept standard or homemade finalized DVD's which will be played back at 720p resolution. If you have content on a laptop computer we recommend providing the laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices to the technician upon arrival to inspect whether or not it has the ability to connect (preferably via HDMI) to our system. If you intend on using something other than a standard Blu-ray or DVD we recommend contacting us prior to your event to ensure compatibility. For compatibility and reliability we strongly discourage the use of any streaming service, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. While sometimes this may work without issue it opens up the door to a long list of potential failures such as/but not limited to, poor WIFI strength and bandwidth speeds, buffering, screen aspect misalignment, poor audio and video output quality, HDCP issues, battery loss,  pop-up notifications, codec or media player issues, unexpected update system restart, lack of proper connection options, and so many more potential problems. While physical media such as a Blu-ray or DVD may seem out of date and obsolete it is still by far the most reliable tried and true method of ensuring your show doesn't suffer from interruptions or outright failure to start.

Can I connect a game system to your equipment?

Yes - well, kind of. Rather we would be happy to do that for you! Please inform us in advance of your event about the gaming system (Brand, Model, Connection Port Types) you intend on using, then if we determine it can be compatible with our system, bring it to your event and we will hook it up to our system. We do not guarantee compatibility, reliability, or take any responsibility for damage to your equipment. If your equipment damages our system, you will be liable for the replacement of the damaged gear. Again, be sure you check to ensure this type of public display does not infringe on any copyright laws.

What is the biggest screen you offer?

At this time our Big Cheese Outdoor 500 Package featuring a 11'x20', 276" diagonal viewable screen (32" average TV screen diagonal). The surrounding black inflatable frame extends the footprint to 21.5' Tall, 27' Wide and 11.7' Deep (most single-story homes are 16'-20' to rooftop). This facilitates most crowds up to 500. 

For indoor events check out our Big Cheese Indoor 300 Package featuring a massive 10' x 16' Viewable Image, 11'x17' Frame, Overall Width 20'4", Overall Height 14'8", Aluminum Hard Frame Da-Lite Fast-Fold 16:10, this is fantastic for assemblies and large scale indoor events.

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Got another burning question that we didn't answer?
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